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Helping Manage Natural Resources for a Smarter Planet

IBM’s Geoff Riggs, IBM – Global Services Smarter Planet, explains, in this video, how new technologies can help industries to be more effective and environmentally sustainable

A Smarter, Data Driven, Approach to Natural Resources in Canada – Part 1

Canada’s natural resources industries (particularly oil sands production, hard rock mining and forestry) face local challenges and opportunities that are unique to the Canadian markets, economy, ecology and society.For example, oil sands production is pushing innovation in how and where oil can be produced. With this innovation comes new forms and uses of information that [...]

IBM Natural Resources Solution Centre in Australia Promotes Smart Petroleum and Mining Operations

With the Natural Resources Solution Centre (NRSC) in Perth, Australia, IBM continues to build on its vision of a “Smarter Planet.” Mandated to promote smart petroleum and mining operations within the Australian industry, the NRSC supports a number of client-focused activities, including client briefings, research and development, joint solution development and proof-of-concept development. Collaborative, service-oriented [...]