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Helping Manage Natural Resources for a Smarter Planet

IBM’s Geoff Riggs, IBM – Global Services Smarter Planet, explains, in this video, how new technologies can help industries to be more effective and environmentally sustainable

A Smarter, Data Driven, Approach to Natural Resources in Canada – Part 2

In seeking to manage growth and opportunities Canadian natural resource companies are increasingly becoming innovators in the way they use to technology to do.  Some particular areas of focus include: ●Instrument critical assets to access information about the status of machines or operations, and analyze the information to improve outcomes, efficacy and performance. ●Integrate asset, [...]

Health, Safety, Security and Environment – Part 1

HSSE issues and solutions are obviously a critical focus in the natural resources industry. The effectiveness of the processes and programs through which companies protect their consumers, communities, employees and the environment are becoming increasingly important and a growing source of government and public scrutiny. Companies with inadequate HSSE solutions can be affected at every [...]