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The IBM Whiteboard Series: Natural Resources

How IBM helps the CEOs of natural resource companies solve the issues that keep them awake at night.  Watch this video to find out how IBM addresses the three key phases in the natural resources industry – exploration, projects, and operations.

Managing Complex Oil and Gas Assets with IBM Maximo

IBM Business Partner Stork uses IBM Tivoli Maximo asset management software for complex assets and for cost efficiency to pass on to its consumers.  Watch this video to find out how.

Insights from the 2012 Oils Sands Trade Show

Geoff Riggs, IBM Smarter Cities Water Consultant, IBM Global Services – Radio interview with Fort McMurray’s KRock during the 2012 Oil Sands trade show.   Click here to listen to the interview. Find out how IBM helps maximize returns in the oil and gas industry – Please Click Here.

Smarter SCADA for Oil and Gas – Calgary, October 2, 2012

Getting oil to markets is job #1 for Alberta; but concerns about environmental risk must be overcome. Earlier leak detection, more rapid leak containment, assured security, and better operational monitoring would all help address concerns. This requires better data, better access to it, and a better ability to analyze it. Unfortunately most SCADA systems today [...]