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Smarter Natural Resources Podcast Series – Jim K. Simpson

In this podcast Jim K. Simpson discusses his presentation  – “Elevating Business Performance At Asset Intensive Industries”.  Click here to listen.

Helping Oil and Gas Companies Achieve Operational Excellence

As oil and gas exploration and production become increasingly important on an energy hungry planet, natural resource companies have to address a range of tough challenges including: Improving asset analysis Facilitating compliance efforts Planning shutdowns Reducing manual intervention Responding to complex supply chain demands Aligning roles and responsibilities Facilitating continuous improvement Find out how IBM [...]

The IBM Whiteboard Series: Natural Resources

How IBM helps the CEOs of natural resource companies solve the issues that keep them awake at night.  Watch this video to find out how IBM addresses the three key phases in the natural resources industry – exploration, projects, and operations.

A Smarter, Data Driven, Approach to Natural Resources in Canada – Part 2

In seeking to manage growth and opportunities Canadian natural resource companies are increasingly becoming innovators in the way they use to technology to do.  Some particular areas of focus include: ●Instrument critical assets to access information about the status of machines or operations, and analyze the information to improve outcomes, efficacy and performance. ●Integrate asset, [...]

A Smarter, Data Driven, Approach to Natural Resources in Canada – Part 1

Canada’s natural resources industries (particularly oil sands production, hard rock mining and forestry) face local challenges and opportunities that are unique to the Canadian markets, economy, ecology and society.For example, oil sands production is pushing innovation in how and where oil can be produced. With this innovation comes new forms and uses of information that [...]

Smarter Natural Resources Podcast Series – Jim K. Simpson

Jim K. Simpson, Associate Partner at IBM’s Natural Resources Solution Centre reflects on the present and future of asset management technology in the oil patch.  Click here to listen.

Partnering to Drive Innovation in the Natural Resources Industry: Royal Dutch Shell CEO

Peter Voser, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell discusses how the days of isolated innovation are coming to an end and how strategic partnerships, some not so obvious, are a key to success.

The Case for Smarter Oil & Gas – On Demand in the Virtual Briefing Centre

Oil & Gas companies are facing more challenges today than ever before. Given these on-going challenges, what catalysts will drive the oil and gas industry to become smarter? What will finally convince the industry that it needs to become smarter? Moderator: John Brantley, General Manager, IBM Global Chemical Speaker: Jill Feblowitz, IDC Energy Insights, Practice [...]

Improved Mining Maintenance with IBM Maximo

Gregor Železnik shares how IBM Maximo provided Velenje their company with increased visibility, better response time and improved visibility.  The company mines about four million tons of coal per year, which is used to produce around one-third of electricity in Slovenia.

Smarter Oil and Gas – Mapping a Practical, Profitable Path

The path to smarter oil and gas field implementation consists of a series of steps that, if taken in a logical sequence, could greatly shorten time-to-value and increase investment returns. Each step supports the subsequent ones, progressing from instrumentation to integration to intelligence. Collectively, they reflect a holistic view of the field, instead of a [...]