About The Smarter Natural Resources Blog

Smarter Natural Resources for a Smarter Planet

It could be argued that there is no other sector as critical to our world today as Natural Resources. Many of these resources are crucial to human survival while others are vital to our modern lifestyles. It has become a $7 trillion industry that continues to grow, despite increase attention to sustainable alternatives and growing government regulation. It is a category at a critical inflection point. Today there is greater demand than ever, yet the availability of our planet’s natural resources is still dwindling and costs continue to climb. While the business of Natural Resources companies is straight-forward – to sell large amounts of materials extracted from the earth – the intricacies of the process and the volatility of the marketplace brings a level of complexity that demands a new way of thinking about the industry. Simply put, we need smarter Natural Resources.

From IBM solutions and resources, to industry issues and reports, to case studies of successful projects, this blog will cover a complete range of topics, bringing IBM expertise to bear on the various natural resources sectors, include mining, oil & gas, oil sands, and chemicals.

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