The Case for Smarter Oil & Gas – On Demand in the Virtual Briefing Centre

Oil & Gas companies are facing more challenges today than ever before. Given these on-going challenges, what catalysts will drive the oil and gas industry to become smarter? What will finally convince the industry that it needs to become smarter?

Moderator: John Brantley, General Manager, IBM Global Chemical
Speaker: Jill Feblowitz, IDC Energy Insights, Practice Director, Utilities and Oil and Gas, IDC Energy Insights
Dave Womack, Director, IBM Global Chemicals & Petroleum Industries, IP Strategy & Business Development

Join us at this webcast where Jill Feblowitz will share the IDC Energy Insights perspective on future industry transformation and change and how companies are making its move to smarter oil and gas. During this session, Ms. Feblowitz will discuss:
- The IDC Energy Insights long term industry outlook, and
- The key initiations that the industry and companies are making to drive greater intelligence into their operations

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