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Smarter Oil and Gas – Mapping a Practical, Profitable Path

The path to smarter oil and gas field implementation consists of a series of steps that, if taken in a logical sequence, could greatly shorten time-to-value and increase investment returns. Each step supports the subsequent ones, progressing from instrumentation to integration to intelligence. Collectively, they reflect a holistic view of the field, instead of a [...]

Oil and Gas 2030 & Beyond – On Demand in the Virtual Briefing Centre

IBM interviewed over 100 executives from different parts of the oil and gas ecosystem to gain insight into the future of this industry. This webcast summarizes these views and, along with insight and analysis from our industry team, a number of interesting findings are explored around a number of key topics including the changing energy [...]

Smarter Power – Helping an Energy Company Adapt to Changing Demands

For utility companies today, better managing their infrastructures is becoming a high priority as they work to support an ever-increasing demand for power and constant pressure to keep rates affordable. Established in 1933 by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal”, IBM client Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the largest public power company in the United States, generates [...]

The Value of Smarter Oil and Gas Fields-Part II

In 2010, researchers set out to broaden their understanding of what the next 20 years could hold for the energy industry. They interviewed more than 100 high-level executives from various parts of the oil and gas ecosystem, mainly focusing on the upstream segment. Among the findings of Oil and Gas 2030: “[Executives] see integration becoming [...]