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The Value of Smarter Oil and Gas Fields-Part I

Executives in the petroleum industry face the dual challenge of increasing both production and profitability in the face of shrinking reserves and tightening regulations. As a result, they are looking to information technology solutions to bring their people, processes and petroleum technologies together in new ways. By 2035, world energy consumption is projected to grow [...]

Maximizing Sustainable Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry

IBM’s David Haake, explores the future of natural resources and how countries can take a sustainable view of development.

Smart Collaboration Improves Production Efficiency for Oil Company

With oil and gas production as the backbone of the Norwegian economy, Statoil needed a way to improve and optimize operational processes across the company. Statoil’s offshore platforms have long operated independently of one another, making it difficult for Statoil to standardize its processes and implement the same solutions for condition monitoring of equipment across [...]

Connect with other Enterprise Asset Management Professionals in the Natural Resources Industry

Pooling knowledge, skill and opinion is one of the best ways to improve any professional endeavour. Enterprise asset management is no different. Especially relevant to managers in the asset-intense natural resources industry, the IBM Asset Management Community provides a forum for IBM customers, business partners and thought leaders to connect, network and share their expertise [...]